Learn about the history and important information of the Nausicaan Pirates Fleet.
Enjoy our virtual cantina. Play some dom-jot or battle the Federation in our arcade games.
Quv 'ej batlh Daq Nausicaa
             (Honor and Glory to Nausicaa)
View the bios and info of our fleets members and senior officers. Apply for the fleet here by sending resime to Pirate King Persius. 
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We are the Nausicaan Pirates. A fleet dedicated to restoring the glory days of Nausicaan piracy and reestablishing Nausicaan independence. We live by the pirate code and pillage and plunder all who oppose us. Ever since our defeat at the hands of the Klingon Empire our race has been misunderstood and exploited. Yet, In the midst of this chaos, -NP- offers a hope for Nausicaans in a bleak galaxy. We RP, PvP, PvE, etc. Those who are interested in enlisting in the fleet please contact Pirate King Perseus. (email shown below)
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This fleet is currently in the process of rebuilding...some of the information may be innacurate